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alt=What is Data Science Course"
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Data science is a field of study that involves extracting insights from vast amounts of data using various scientific methods, algorithms and processes. It helps you find hidden patterns from raw data. The term data science has emerged due to the development of mathematical statistics, data analysis, and big data. Data science is an interdisciplinary field that allows you to extract knowledge from structured or unstructured data. Da ta science enables you to translate a business problem into a research project and then transform it back into a practical solution.

alt=What is Data Science Course"

Why Data Science?

Data science or data-driven science enables better decision making, predictive analysis and pattern discovery. it gives you:

Find out the main cause of the problem by asking the right questions.

Perform exploratory study on data

Model the data using various algorithms

Communicate and visualize results through graphs, dashboards, etc.

In practice, data science is already helping the airline industry predict travel disruptions to reduce pain for both airlines and passengers. With the help of data science, airlines can optimize operations in many ways, including:

Plan routes and decide whether to schedule direct or connecting flights

Create predictive analysis models to forecast flight delays

Provide personalized promotional offers based on customers’ booking patterns

Decide which class of aircraft to buy for better overall performance

alt=What is Data Science Course"

Intro to Machine Learning- Udacity

Machine learning is undoubtedly one of the hot topics in data science right now, and the purpose of this course is to give a complete overview from theory to practical application. As well as an introduction to the selection of data sources and to choose which algorithm is best suited for a particular problem, it is also a part of the “nanodegree” to pay for the utility in data analysis.


alt=What is Data Science Course"

California Institute of Technology – Learning from Data

The course focuses on machine learning and is given as a series of video lectures with homework assignments and a final exam. It goes into depth with mathematics, with an overview of how a computer “learns” (students have a working knowledge of matrices and calculus, so it is not for new knowledge of complete mathematics).


alt=What is Data Science Course"

Data-Driven Decision Making- Coursera

Also, from Coursera, this course is offered by PwC, so in principle there is more focus on commercial applications. It encompasses the spectrum of tools and technologies that are being adopted by businesses today to meet data challenges, and the various roles that data specialists can fill in modern organizations. Students also focus on selecting the best tools and framework for solving problems with data. The four-week course is concluded with a task that involves deploying a data solution in a simulated business environment.

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