Top Artificial Intelligence Companies

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Are you considering combining your organization with artificial intelligence? For your machine-learning or data-learning project, GoodFirms’ list of top AI companies will help you find a reputable business. In the newest software trend – AI programming, there are only a few companies that offer services.

However, it can be a challenging task to find a suitable developer of artificial intelligence, since there are many considerations that need to be considered in advance. An in-depth study of the consistency, efficiency, and ability to select the leading companies in artificial intelligence was carried out by GoodFirms.

Top Artificial Intelligence Companies


Unicsoft is a trusted consulting company for technology, offering applications for AI and Blockchain to generate business results for startups and companies. In the fields of machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, blockchain, big data, data science, data analytics, the Unicsoft team has broad expertise.

We help startups test ideas, create an MVP, iterate to achieve product-market fit, and scale quickly. We provide technology consultancy for companies, including the development of company-led solutions.

Day One Technologies

Founded in 2016, we are in an AI-first environment, a product-first company. We specialize in building insightful products supported by high-end technology that customers love and appreciate as a distinguished tech business.

We understand what makes a product “great” – the visual hierarchy laws are good design, streamlined coding, UX engagement, we know how to make an impact on brands. By implementing the new technology stack and complementing it with human-centered UI/UX architecture in AI, machine learning, blockchain, RPA, etc.

SPEC India

With 30+ years of proven experience, SPEC INDIA is a business that was started in 2013. We specialize in the development of custom applications, Web & Mobile App Development, BI & Analytics Solutions, Automation & Security Testing, Conversion of Legacy Software, Product Engineering, and IoT Solutions.

SPEC INDIA has a team of 300+ consultants who are dedicated to providing global customers with quality solutions. Our Creative Onshore/Offshore Models and Expanded Development Centers help us serve Fortune 500 businesses.


From the initial idea to a live solution, Redwerk provides full-cycle growth. We have been setting up and serving professionally run dedicated software development teams since 2005 and delivering custom software development projects for our clients around the world. With comprehensive business logic, we develop, manage, and support software products.

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