Best Online Data Science Courses

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One deals with both structured and unstructured data in data science. The algorithms have predictive analytics in them as well. Thus, the present and the future are all about data science. That is, identifying historical data-based trends that can be useful for current decisions and finding patterns that can be modeled and used for forecasts to see what things in the future can look like.

Best Online Data Science Courses

Introduction To Data Science

An incredibly highly rated course, on SwichUp 4.9/5 and on CourseReport 4.8/5, which is taught live by a top company data scientist. This is a six-week data science course covering everything about the whole phase of data science, and it is the only live online course on this list. In addition, not only will you receive a certificate upon completion, but since this course is also approved, you will also receive units of continuing education.

Data Science MicroMasters

MicroMasters from edX are specialized, graduate-level courses at selected institutions that count towards a real Master’s. In the case of this MicroMaster, 30 percent of the entire Master of Science in Data Science degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology will be completed and accredited (RIT).

The prerequisites are higher than many of the other courses in this list, as these courses are targeted towards prospective Master’s students. You should already be familiar with programming because the first course in this series does not spend any time teaching basic Python concepts.


Dataquest is a great platform on its own, but Dataquest acts as a fantastic supplement to your online learning even if you take other courses on this list. Dataquest forgoes video lessons and teaches into a type of digital textbook instead. Each subject in the data science track is followed by several interactive coding steps in the browser that lead you through the implementation of the exact subject you are studying.

CS109 Data Science

This course from Harvard is one of the best for getting started as a novice with a perfect combination of theory and application. It’s not on an interactive site, like Coursera or edX, and it doesn’t offer any kind of credential, but your time is definitely worth it and it’s completely free.

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