Best Food Apps In India

Best Food Apps In India

You should know that the food industry has a worth of about a trillion dollars whereas the food delivery market is just a small part of it. Due to the advancement in technology, now do not have to worry about cooking food if you are working or living alone, etc as there are many food apps that can deliver the food at your doorstep with proper hygiene and commitment.

No need to think about timing, whenever and wherever you feel jumping mouse in the tummy, you can place the order as many restaurants are open at night as well. Here is a list of the best food apps in India.

Best Food Apps In India


Swiggy tops the list in delivering food because of its simple call to action, fast delivery, no minimum order condition, and live tracking system. It is a hunger savior among the working generation as it is available almost in every city of India. It provides late-night food service as well and you can find many coupons and offers using the Swiggy app by which you can save some money. You can simply download the app from the play store and get started.


Right now it is serving in almost 30+ cities in India which is owned by a taxi aggregator, Uber. These days this is the second popular app in the food delivery market. It was introduced two years back and in this short period of time, it has made its place among the best food apps in India. In terms of coupons and offers, it is better than its competitors. Uber app account works with this app and the customer service of UberEats is outstanding which addresses the issue quickly and solves it.


It delivers food to around 20+cities in the country. It was started in 2011, but unlike other food delivery apps, Faasos started its own kitchen to cook the food and deliver it. Because of in-house cooking, the quality of food is well maintained. They are known for their yummy taste and good quality packaging. This app has a “scheduled later” feature by which you get the food delivered later at any time.


This is a big giant in the food delivery market with servicing in 500+ cities in the country. It was started in 2008 and since then it has expanded its business a lot. It covers the maximum number of restaurants to order food out of which many restaurants work at night also.

This is all about the best food apps in India which are doing pretty well and make life easy.

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