Internet is flooded with too much of information & much of the information is misleading, hence it is important that we consume only that information which comes from a highly trusted source.

I’ve always found most accurate and satisfactory solutions to my web analytics problems from one of the below mentioned web analytics expert’s blogs.

These experts are experts because each one of them are passionate about web analytics.

The difference is,

Generally We breathe Air.

but they breathe Air + Web Analytics 😀

I am listing down my all-time favorite web analytics experts that may come to your rescue if you are either a Web analyst, Seo or a Digital marketer.

I have kept this article specific to the top web analysts who most often cover and write on Google analytics.

In fact the blog’s of these web analytics experts have many a times proved to me as a life-saving jacket.

No offense, I have randomly provided the rankings. Here we go…

#1. Avinash Kaushik

Avinash Kaushik is the Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google & Co-founder for Market Motive (for Web analytics education and certification).

He is on the board of advisors for,

He was awarded the,

  • Statistical Advocate of the Year from the American Statistical Association, 2009
  • Rising Star award from the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation, 2010
  • Most Influential Industry Contributor from the Web Analytics Association, 2011
  • Featured in the “Pioneers of Digital” book, with a bunch of amazing people I admire! 2012.

Why do I like Avinash Kaushik’s blog?

I dig into Avinash Kaushik’s blog / videos whenever I want to get refreshed on my analytics knowledge, need some motivation, or want to look web analytics through a different angle.

For example, what’s the definition of “Bounce Rate”?, well according to Google it is “The percentage of single-page sessions (i.e. sessions in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page).”

Well, that’s little technical…and boring…isn’t it??

Now Avinash explains the same stuff in this way,

I came, I puked, I left

that defines bounce %. 😀

However; I must admit that his explanations and writings may not go very easy for someone new to analytics or digital marketing.

He shares wonderful short stories on analytics via his newsletters which are worth reading and are truly inspiring, for that you have to subscribe to it.

Watch him speaking,

Blog: Occam’s Razor ( )

He has written some of the best books on web analytics Web Analytics 2.0 & Web Analytics: An Hour A Day

Avinash Kaushik actively uses Twitter: Go follow him!

#2. Justin Cutroni

Justin Cutroni is an online advocate for Google. As an online advocate, his primary role is to work with Google’s educational teams and drive the content strategy, work with Google’s product team and provide real-user feedback on its features and work with sales and marketing teams to help evangelize Google’s analytics products.

How can Justin Cutroni help you learn web analytics?

I don’t think that anyone from analytics industry doesn’t know Justin, because he is the face of Google when you learn the basics/foundation of google analytics.

He has a blog (, but I do not see any recent articles (Last article he published was on Feb 6 2015, may be this is due to paucity of time.

I recently went through some of the analytics lessons on analytics academy in which Justin is seen in action.

Have a look on one of his session from analytics academy,

For your information: Below are the important sessions covered under analytics academy:

  • Digital Analytics Fundamentals
  • Google Analytics Platform Principles
  • Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions
  • Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals
  • Google Tag Manager Fundamentals

I highly recommend you should take these courses. They are all 100% FREE.
Justin Cutroni has very beautifully explained the Google Analytics Platform Principles.

So whenever you feel going back to analytics school, Analytics Academy and Justin Cutroni can help you for sure.

Justin Cutroni is also an author of some of the very popular books on Google analytics:

His twitter handle is

#3. Himanshu Sharma

Himanshu Sharma is Google Analytics, Adwords & Market Motive (Master Level) certified professional based out of United Kingdom.

He was also nominated for Digital Analytics Association Award for Excellence.

Himanshu holds a bachelor’s degree in Internet Science and is also a founder of where he writes on the various aspects of analytics.

What can you learn from Himanshu Sharma’s analytics Blog?

Himanshu Sharma most often writes about Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, but when he writes, he covers it in-depth… it’s like, “Write as if there is no tomorrow”.

He writes such that you won’t feel any need to leave his article or to search any relevant information on Google, it is covered that in-depth.

Another reason, I love reading his articles is due to the language simplicity that he maintains in each of his articles. He can lay down the analytics lingo in very simple understandable manner.

Himanshu have also published a wonderful book named “Book Review: Maths & Stats for Web Analytics and Conversion Optimization” for which

I have provided my in-depth review about his book in a special article:

You can connect with him on twitter:

#4. Simo Ahava

Simo Ahava is from Finland and currently he is a Senior Data Advocate @ Reaktor

Simo is also a Google Developer Expert, his mission as a GDE is to inspire others to take a software platform and bend it to their will. I just love his mission.

What can you learn from Simo Ahavas web analytics Blog?

Simo Ahava is a core technical person hence his articles are more inclined towards technical implementation/customization of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager (GTM) to suit custom requirements.

If you happen to visit his website you will find that a higher number of articles are specifically written on GTM implementation that serves to basic to advanced GTM implementations.

Have a look on his video where he speaks about how tag management systems work and why you should care.

He is active on twitter:

No doubt Simo Ahava is one the best minds in the field of analytics.

Phew! This was all about the best web analytics experts.

So, the next time you do a Google search for finding a solution to web analytics problems, try first searching your problem in the above mentioned blog’s of top web analysts, most of the times you will find it.

You may also connect with me over Twitter:

I hope you enjoyed this article.

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