It was a busy Monday morning @ office & I received an email with a subject line “Digital Marketing for Business Growth” from IIM-Bangalore which was about Digital Marketing Certification.

I had also received a promotional email some time back from MICA on similar lines, hence I thought of exploring them since both of these emails came from India’s finest institutes.

In this article I am going to cover what each of these best business schools are offering & if they are worth your time and money?

For those who are confused and have this question in mind “What is the future of digital marketing?” before they make any decision about making career in digital marketing should read below section, while others may skip it.

Future of Digital Marketing

When I started my career, digital marketing was in its developmental phase.

Today this industry can be considered as highly matured industry with so many job opportunities daily generated by itself alone.

Find me one business that does not use Digital Marketing as its marketing strategy?

Even those companies who had kept away from digital marketing are now considering it as their ignorance and are including it to survive in the cut throat market competition.

Just like traditional marketing have no death, digital marketing is eternal as well.

When marketers say “Traditional marketing is no more”… or “Traditional marketing has lost its ground” I simply disagree with them.

Reason being, there will always be two type of audience on which their preferred method of information consumption and buying modes will be depended upon.

  1. Tech savvy people They love technology and use it for every purpose be it using websites, mobile apps, kiosks etc.
  2. People who love traditional methods – They prefer Television, newspapers, shopping at local shops to check products or services personally first before buying etc.)

Hence both, traditional marketing and digital marketing will be forever with us.

Also, as long as businesses have their websites / mobile apps that are adding value to them in monetary terms, Digital marketing is going to have its glory.



So we are now ready to compare the top 2 institutes offering Digital Marketing certification programs.

Note: Both of these certifications are designed for the professionals who are into marketing field or have some inclination towards marketing.

If you are completely new to Marketing / Digital Marketing then, I recommend you to take some free digital marketing courses through and so that you are ready to conceive the knowledge imparted at these premier institutes.

Comparison of Digital Marketing Certification: IIM-B vs. MICA

IIM-Bangalore MICA
Certification Name Digital Marketing for Business Growth PG Certificate Program in Digital Marketing
Topics Covered 1) Search advertising
2) Search engine optimization
3) Social media marketing
4) Web Analytics
1) Business, Marketing & eMarketing
2) Search Marketing
3) Web Analytics
4) Social Media Marketing
5) Email Marketing
6) Display Marketing
7) Mobile Marketing
Duration 5 Days 4 Months
Eligibility Mktg. Advtg. Professionals/ Entrepreneurs Mktg. Advtg. Professionals/ Entrepreneurs
Mode of lectures Residential classroom teaching @ IIM-B campus LIVE interactive lectures
How to Register? Online Online
Certificate Awarded? Yes. Towards participation Yes. PG Certificate
Job Placement Support Not mentioned Not mentioned
Who will teach? Prof. Seema Gupta Prof. Amit Kishore
Other benefits of this certification? None Alumni Status, LIVE interactive lectures
Fees Rs. 84,000 Rs. 70,000 + Tax
EMI facility No Yes
Hrs/day Not mentioned 1.5 hrs Sat & Sun


Direct link to MICA’s digital marketing certification online course

Direct link to IIM Bangalore digital marketing course

My Verdict

Now we have important comparison data for both the courses as seen in the above table.

I will share my verdict for each of these parameters one-by-one.

  1. Topics Covered here the range of topics covered by MICA are much advanced when compared to IIM-B. Today Digital marketing has evolved to a huge extent and covering subjects such as email, display and mobile marketing is highly important. IIM-B has covered less topics may be due to paucity of time.
  2. Duration IIM-B course duration is 5 days while that of MICA it is 4 months. But, I must mention that the 5 day training of IIM-B will be very vigorous and hands-on.Assuming IIM-B will teach at a max 6 hours per day and this course will last for 5 days, so this sums up to 30 hours in totalMICA will deliver lectures every Saturday and Sunday 1.5 hours each day and this course will last for 4 months, hence this sums up 48 hours in total.
  3. Mode of lectures Here the ball goes into IIM’s court, since I always prefer classroom learning in front of teacher.
  4. Certificate Awarded? IIM-B will provide you a participation certificate while MICA will provide you PG certificate that too with Alumni status. Very important benefit.
  5. EMI facitlity This is important factor, MICA has taken care of it.
  6. Who will teach Both Prof. Seema Gupta of IIM-B & Prof. Amit Kishore of MICA are accomplished professors in the subject of marketing. They are simply exceptional and that’s the reason they have achieved so much of success in their profession / teaching @ our country’s best institutes.
  7. Fees Well, this factor is most important of all, I consider fees as a bottle neck where every dream suffocates. Fees of IIM-B is almost equal to MICA since IIM-B also offers a special discount for early birds.


After considering all the above factors & keeping value for money / ROI in mind, I am more inclined towards selecting MICA over IIM-Bangalore. Again, this decision may vary person to person depending upon the level of experience and his educational background.

Spl. Note: My sole purpose of writing this article is to help an individual take a balanced decision so that he/she gets value for money invested and of course best knowledge/education. I swear, no animals were harmed during the making of this article 😀

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All the best!!

Hi, I’m Punit Kansara. I’m currently Senior Data Analytics Associate at DigitasLbi. I hail from Mumbai, the financial capital of India. I have a background in computer applications. Marketing and web analytics all fell into my sphere of interest shortly after.