Why you must read this latest analytics book “Maths & Stats for Web Analytics and Conversion Optimization – by Himanshu Sharma”

The role of digital Marketer has evolved

Gone are the days when digital marketers and SEO’s were busy doing link building spamming through directory submission, commenting and article spinning in order to manipulate search engine rankings.

Today the role of a Digital Marketer has drastically changed and have moved towards ethical digital marketing best practices that should be in-line with the Google’s and other major search engine’s motto – i.e.

“To provide best search experience to its users.”

For those who are new to Digital Marketing, here is one informative piece of video from SAS on “What is digital marketing & why it matters?”,

Problem with the Digital Marketers

Daily a digital marketer have many critical tasks on his plate, be it optimization of  content, A/B and multivariate experiments, optimising landing pages, meta title, description, images, alt’s, headers, fixing of Google Search console errors, 404’s, justifying ranking drop or ppc campaign bid optimization or even social media campaign reporting. Tasks are simply endless for them!

They put their best efforts towards marketing digital assets, but when it comes to measuring the marketing outcomes here they fail to draw a correct picture/conclusion.

If you ask a digital marketer to generate/optimize sales leads or conversions, he will achieve it by putting multiple streams of marketing efforts but, when asked about the exact correlation between conversion and the channel/source, or which channel actually should get credit for conversions then they may not able to explain it clearly with a great confidence.

We all very well know that through-out our digital marketing career, we have devoted a larger proportion of our time in learning how to market and have invested very less time in learning how to smartly measure the digital marketing efforts using the power of analytics… correct me if I am wrong!

“Analytics is the process of obtaining an optimal and realistic decision based on existing data.”

Test your analytics knowledge

If you disagree with me, then come ahead and answer these questions. I bet, most of you will guess the answers wrong! Even I’ve got them wrong the first time,

> When your website conversion rate rises from 10% to 12%, is this a 2% rise in conversion rate or 20% rise in conversion rate?

> Can you double your sale by simply doubling your marketing budget?

> Should you focus on large number of low value customers or focus on a few high value customers to maximize profit?

> If the conversion rate of campaign A is 10% and the conversion rate of campaign B conversion is 20%, does that mean campaign B is performing better than campaign A?

> The avg. time on your website is 5 minutes. Does that mean website visitors actually spent 5 minutes on an average?

These question might look very simple and their answer straight forward, but trust me that’s not the case, the answer to these are very subjective, one may not be able to give a direct Yes or No type answer.

You may have to dig a bit deeper into the data and analytics to answer the above mentioned questions.

I too have come across such situation; in fact most of the digital marketers might be sailing in same boat like us.

Problem is, we do not try to understand that how can mathematics and statistics help us in effectively measuring our marketing efforts or may be its just our ignorance.

What does this book covers?

As a versatile digital marketer, one should be aware of below mentioned topics that cover mathematics and statistics which is applicable in marketing,

  • What is ROI in online marketing and its types?
  • What are the requirements to report ROI?
  • ROI calculations for SEO and it types
  • How to calculate ROI for phone call tracking?
  • How to improve phone call conversion rate?
  • How to measure ROI of digital content marketing?
  • Understand if you should really bet on conversion % metric or % based metrics
  • Which are the real important business metrics?
  • What are KPI’s, how are they different from metrics?
  • Understanding data sampling
  • What is hypothesis?
  • How can you predict if a certain action will occur again?
  • What is 80/20 rule?
  • Above all, how not to be data BLIND and be a data SMART?

The above mentioned are just a few topics, but the list is huge…really huge, these are all very well covered by the analytics genius Himanshu Sharma in his latest book “Maths & Stats for Web Analytics and Conversion Optimization”.

Who should read this book?

Though, this book can be read by anyone who is keen on exploring the subject however; the professionals from below mentioned roles can make best out of this book.

  • Digital Marketers
  • SEO experts
  • Web Analysts
  • Data Analysts
  • Beginners (Only if you have basic understanding of digital marketing)

What is my review about this book?

Definitely a BIG YES!!

Go for it!

I call Himanshu Sharma one of the analytics genius because I have been a regular follower of his popular blog Optimize Smart & inspired by his actionable writing on analytics and Google Tag Manager.

He understands analytics thoroughly & is capable enough to explain the analytics lingo in a very simple language to the audience who are from non-analytics background.

I realized this through his blog articles and when I ordered his latest book, in which the author left me totally stunned with his super smart logical reasoning towards his data smart conclusions.

In fact, if you check the name of my website / domain, it is Data Smart which is again inspired by his latest book “Maths & Stats for Web Analytics and Conversion Optimization”.


I would say, if you are serious on improving your data analytics skills and want to effectively showcase your digital marketing efforts to your Boss or company, well then this book is for you unless you are in a company where HIPPO policy is used 😉

HIPPO (highest paid person’s opinion) is used to describe an organization’s reliance on human instinct rather than data in the decision-making process.


If you sincerely read through this book and apply the data analytics and statistical methods/techniques, then you are bound to make a difference in your work.

So, Buy this book, read it, apply it in real time see the results, come back to my article and share your thoughts.

Believe me you won’t feel disappointed, this book is real gem – its author – Himanshu Sharma has put a great amount of hard work in writing this book.

Hi, I’m Punit Kansara. I’m currently Senior Data Analytics Associate at DigitasLbi. I hail from Mumbai, the financial capital of India. I have a background in computer applications. Marketing and web analytics all fell into my sphere of interest shortly after.