Recently we received a request for BrightCove video tracking in adobe analytics.

In past, I had never worked on such integration nor did my team members.

Believe me it was a hard time we went through collecting the bits and pieces of BrightCove integration with adobe analytics.

Though there was some amount of ground work already in place but it had some space for improvement.

So I am writing down this step-by-step approach to BrightCove Video Tracking in Adobe Analytics so that you can smoothly track BrightCove videos in adobe analytics version 15,

Let me tell you up-front, that this BrightCove flash plugin method won’t be able to track the video views from mobile devices.

Setting-up BrightCove plugin

Here are the steps:

  1. First we need to download the swf file which can be found this way,

Login to Adobe SiteCatalyst version 15:

Then Go to Admin > Click on Admin Tools Home >

Download the AppMeasurementExtension file



Click on “Retrieve Collection Code”




Click on Flash, Flex, & AIR



Now you will see that a .zip file has downloaded “

Extract the zip file, find your AppMeasurementExtension.swf & upload it to root.



  1. Next step is to setup your config.xml file that needs to be uploaded in your root,

You will have to modify the below blue highlighted as per your settings, save it as config.xml & upload to root.

Caution: Before you randomly define your evars, events or props and overwrite the existing ones,

check your SDD (Solution Design Document) to understand which ones that are reserved and which are free.


















<item name=”25″>event59</item>

<item name=”50″>event60</item>

<item name=”75″>event61</item>






For more information check this pdf, find it under BrightCove, Pg. No. 46:


  1. Now make sure that both the above mentioned files i.e. AppMeasurementExtension.swf & config.xml are properly uploaded in the root of your website.



  1. Next you will have to authorize to access your above mentioned 2 files via crossdomain.xml. Add below given code in file named crossdomain.xml and upload it in your website root. You can look for this file here:

<allow-access-from domain=”*”/>

  1. Now your plugin for video tracking is ready.

Your next step is to register your plugin with your video’s media player. It should be in below format,


To Add the URL,

Go to:

Select the Chromeless Video Player and click on “Settings” as below highlighted in yellow color,

BrightCove Video Cloud Setting


And finally, add your URL in this way (refer below),

Adding the brightcove URL

Be sure to do the following through BrightCove panel:

  • Enable Javascript Api
  • Select ‘Custom Player’ from the list of available players (because if you keep it as Default player, tracking will not work)


…. So now we are all set with BrightCove set-up.


Now comes the final step… i.e. Debugging part to check if your video views are being tracked correctly.

Just follow these steps,

  1. Open the web-page where you have your BrightCove video to be tracked,
  2. If you are using chrome browser press Ctrl+Shift+J to open developer console,
  3. Select “Network” tab and in filter type “omt” to remove unwanted network data,
  4. Tick the “Disable cache” and “Preserve log” options,Chrome-Developer-Console-PreserveLog


5. Now play the video keeping the developer console open, you will start seeing below calls to adobe looking something like s73653464646…..



6. Click on any of these calls that start with s7 etc. You will be able to see each of the milestones being tracked that we had set for video play i.e. 25,50,75

Adobe Milestones


Your developer may have to play around with minimal fine-tuning but finally this will work, because it has worked at my end.

Since the BrightCove flash plugin has got some limitations, like it won’t track/report in adobe analytics if you get a video view through a mobile device.

So in my next article I will cover how to implement BrightCove video tracking that will track and report all types of devices.

Let me know if this works for you.

Do not hesitate to give me a shout if you face any issue.

Hi, I’m Punit Kansara. I’m currently Senior Data Analytics Associate at DigitasLbi. I hail from Mumbai, the financial capital of India. I have a background in computer applications. Marketing and web analytics all fell into my sphere of interest shortly after.